Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: October 25, 2023.

Welcome to the Puffin Maps. Please read these Terms of Service (the “Terms”) carefully because they govern your use of our websites; mobile applications (“App(s)”), and other products and services we may later own or operate (collectively called the “Services”).

1. Agreement to these Terms

By using our Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you don’t agree to these Terms, do not use the Services. If you are accessing and using the Services on behalf of a company (such as your employer) or other legal entity, you represent and warrant that you have the authority to bind that company or other legal entity to these Terms. In that case, “you” and “your” will refer to that company or other legal entity.

2. Changes to the Terms or Services

We may modify the Terms at any time, in our sole discretion. If we do so, we’ll let you know either by posting the modified Terms on the Site or through other communications. If you continue to use the Services, you are indicating that you agree to the modified Terms. We may change or discontinue all or any part of the Services, at any time and without notice, at our sole discretion.

3. Who May Use the Services

You may use the Services only if you are 13 years or older and are not barred from using the Services under applicable law. In order to use certain features of the Services, you must create an account (“Account”) via the Site and become a registered user (“User”). As a User, you may use certain features of the Services as described in Section 4. You’ll notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your Account and you’re responsible for all activities that occur under your Account, whether or not you know about them.

4. Using the Services

4.1 General
The Services offer a browser based tool for planning a travel itinerary, through which users can collaborate with one another. Each trip you plan through the Services is called a “Trip. For each Trip, you may receive recommendations for an optimized route or places to visit based our understanding of your preferences. You may view this trip on the App while traveling on your trip. You will receive useful real-time notifications based on weather changes, a change in the status of the location you are visiting (such as opening times), or other information we deem useful.
4.2 Sharing and Permissions
Any Team Member of a Trip may freely access and view the Trip and its contents. For Trips with link sharing enabled, anyone with the link may view or access it depending on the permissions. You acknowledge sole responsibility for and assume all risk arising from sharing your Trip with Team Members and other individuals. You understand that anyone that has access to your Trip can copy and save their own version of the Trip and privately edit it.

5. Content and Content Rights

For purposes of these Terms: “User Content” means text, links, and other information that are added in your Trip.
5.1 Ownership and Responsibility of Content
As between you and Puffin Maps, you own your User Content - Puffin Maps does not claim any ownership rights in any User Content that you make available through the Services.
5.2 Rights in User Content Granted by You
By making any User Content, available through our Services you hereby grant to Puffin Maps a limited, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, transferable license, with a right to sublicense, to access, view, use, copy, modify, publicly display, publicly perform and distribute your User Content to the extent reasonably needed to operate and provide the Services to you, and other Users as the functionality of the Services permits. For example, we may generate Itinerary recommendations and suggestions to other users visiting the same place based on your visit. We will never expose any personal information, however. Recommendations will be anonymized according to the Privacy Policy (Section 7). You acknowledge sole responsibility for and assume all risk arising from developing, submitting, and publishing Applications to the Services, regardless of whether the Application are made available to only yourself, your Team Members, or all other Users of the Services.
5.3 Data Maintenance and Backup Procedures
In the event of any loss or corruption of any data associated with the Services, Puffin Maps will use commercially reasonable efforts to restore the lost or corrupted data from the latest backup of such data maintained by Puffin Maps. EXCEPT FOR THE FOREGOING, Puffin Maps WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS, DESTRUCTION, ALTERATION, UNAUTHORIZED DISCLOSURE OR CORRUPTION OF ANY SUCH DATA.

6. Feedback

We welcome feedback, comments and suggestions for improvements to the Services (“Feedback”) by emailing us at hello@puffinmaps.com. As we need to be able to freely work with your Feedback to improve the Services, you hereby irrevocably transfer and assign all right, title and interest (including all intellectual property rights, such as copyrights or trade secrets) in and to the Feedback, including any and all “moral rights” that you might have in such Feedback, and you hereby forever waive and agree never to assert any and all “moral rights” you may have in the Feedback.

7. Privacy Policy

Please refer to our Privacy Policy (www.puffinmaps.com/privacy) for information on how we collect, use and disclose information from our users.