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The all in one trip planner for your post pandemic adventure. Try Puffin, it’s 100% free!

People Love to Plan with Puffin


I love how easy it is to add locations and build an itinerary all in one place. I don’t have to switch between my spreadsheet and google maps.

- K. Kim


Built-in directions in the app was chef’s kiss.

- P. Kang


Puffin is super intuitive for the first time user. I’m a travel lover and this is the best travel tool I’ve used.

- E. Burnett

Plan on-the-go

Puffin is built to work perfectly for mobile. Access your itineraries wherever and whenever. Store your plans offline, and keep track of your trip even if you can’t get a signal.

Plan together

Keep everyone on the same map with Puffin, literally. Collaborate on route planning, make suggestions on places to go. Create a trip that excites everyone.

Plan fast

Writing down addresses, looking up opening times, checking transit schedules. Nobody’s got time for all of that. Skip the boring details and get to your trip faster.

Plan effortlessly

Drag and drop destinations into your trip plan. Rearrange them however you want. Puffin allows you to easily keep track of everything in your trip.

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