"Oh the places you'll go"

- Dr. Seuss

About us

The year was 2020. The pandemic was raging on. As a group of friends whose travel plans were all shot to bits, we decided that we would plan an amazing post-pandemic adventure that would blow away all of our pent up frustration.

And it was terrible. We had to string together word docs, google maps and excel, all trying to coordinate where to go, what to see, what to do, and most importantly, what to eat.

We couldn’t imagine planning our trip like this, and we decided that we would make a travel planning tool that would help us organize the trip of our dreams.

Thus, Puffin was born.

Our vision

Our vision for Puffin is to make travel planning an easy and enjoyable part of any trip. Putting together an adventure should not come with any pain points or frustrations.

More importantly, going to places is always better with others. And we want to make collaborative planning as fluid as possible. We know firsthand how difficult it is. Important details and questions get lost in group chats. No one reads the links you post. Coordinating transportation is a nightmare.

With Puffin planning as a group is simple and intuitive. Puffin makes everything take less time and less effort to put together. We simplify what’s stressful and automate what’s boring so you can focus on the fun parts of planning a trip.

Our final destination is to create the ultimate all-in-one travel tool. So come with us on our journey, because a trip is as good as the people you are with, and we would love for you to join us.

Who we are

We’re a team of designers, developers, creators, and most of all travellers. We have poured our wanderlust into Puffin, and we definitely know what it means to put a good trip together.

Here are all the places we want to go!

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